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CJ Hello is a Multi System Operator (MSO) that receives programs from program providers such as m.net and CJ O Shopping
and delivers them to subscribers.

CJ Hello, as CJ's media platform, strengthens the competitiveness of CJ's entertainment and media and home shopping business.
In the near future, the company is expected to generate high profits through its continuous growth as a leader of digital broadcasting and system operations

CJ Hello has a vision of becoming the best home network and communication company by creating happy customers.
Toward this end, it will offer a wide range of broadcast and communication services through a high-quality network.
Its primary business strategies include attracting cable TV subscribers, airing PP channels, local channel operations,
Internet Service Provider (ISP), and providing advertisements.

Introduction of business
  • hello* tv
    hello tv provides high-quality video service with over 240 channels (incl. 100 HD channels)
    It offers over 150,000 movies and TV shows on demand, as well as various interactive services
    including X-game, Karaoke and TV shopping.
    (Received the first International Interactive Emmy Award due to the world’s first
    commercialization of digital broadcasting)
  • hello* net
    hello net is CJ Hello’s high-speed Internet service offered via fiber optic network.
    It allows you to use large amounts of multimedia content and to enjoy games at high speed
  • hello* fone
    hello fone allows you to keep your current telephone number and to cut the telephone charge
    by half. There is the nationwide minimum single charge (38 Won) available for local/long distance
    calls. There is the low international telephone charge (50 won per minute) available for international
    calls to the United States, China, Japan and other major countries.
  • 00747 International Calls
    Making 00747 International calls on both your mobile phone and your home telephone is up to 90%
    cheaper than competitors.
  • hello* mobile
    hello mobile provides reasonable plans by improving the big 3 carries’ high-cost systems including
    distribution costs, operating costs, advertising costs, etc. As a result, it can reduce smartphone rates
    by up to 50%, compared to the existing carriers.
  • hello* biz
    CJ Hello will enhance the competitiveness of your company with the following enterprise
    services: hello net biz, hello fone biz, hello tv biz, solutions and security.